Welcome to TCArtPhotography
My name is Tyrone Castelanelli, the "artist" behind TCArtPhotography.
Ever since I can remember I always loved swinging a pencil, a marker, a brush or whatever tool to put my ideas to paper. In my teens I then also discovered my love for photography ...
Today, I try to dedicate whatever time I have left over in a very busy private and work life to being creative one way or the other.
Although I pretty much try to capture anything I can get in front of my camera lens, I have two main interests or focus points in photography. On the one hand I document our travels. On the other I love experimenting. Lately, I have noticed that I really enjoy doing portraits ... not the set-up type but rather the coincidental capture of people's character. Let's see where this takes me.
With regards to my other creative outlet, I must admit, I have no focus as such ... I simply enjoy turning my ideas into reality.
Tyrone Castelanelli (Photo by Luis Barreiro)

Photo by Luis Barreiro ©

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